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A morning in the life of us.

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As usual Mae woke up super early like the true farmer she is! We checked on the batch of candles that Dan made last night including our yummy layered smores candle. I set Mae up with a silly youtube video of cartoon animals slopping around in the mud (her laughter at this video is so animated and silly) so that I could let the chickens,ducks and Matilda the Saint rabbit outside and throw the goats more hay. Mae does best if we keep busy, so to work we went cheese making,freezing homegrown kale, dehydrating bananas and blanching our own summer squash! Of course I ran out of freezer bags yesterday so we went to Big Y to get some.  They conveniently had clay on clearance which ended up being a great encouragement for Mae to use both of her hands squishing and molding it. Our old barred rock hens are molting early and aren't laying at all (which is not unusual as they've never been great layers) we refer to them as free-loaders but the reality is that we love them and they will continue to have a loving home with us until they go to the big hen house in heaven at a ripe old age. Luckily for us, our flock of baby chicks have grown up and we had 6 eggs to collect before noon today!  After lunch it'll be time to clean the coops and water buckets. Dan will be home in a few hours to give me a break from Mae so that I can milk Marilyn, plant turnip seeds and get all of our critters ready for bed!  After Mae goes to sleep Dan gets to work on a batch of candles.  The past few night he has been working on a wholesale order for some of our Fall Scented candles (Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Maple Nut Fudge, Spiced Apple Cider).  It always seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Somehow we manage.  Wouldn't change it at all!

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