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After a long day of working at the vet I made the long trek home to take care of the animals before bed. Dan has his hands full getting Mae taken care of so I just get everyone tucked away with a head lamp and my bright headlights on the car. Ozzie our silkie rooster followed me into the chicken pen a few days ago and is now acting like he has always gotten along with everyone! He had a history of not playing nice but hasn't shown any aggression in a few days so I think he is deciding that he would rather have friends than live alone lol. Etta was kind enough to give us a healthy quart of milk yesterday, that already has the potential to become cheese later today. As I finished up chores and headed inside I was greeted with the pleasant familiar smell of a log cabin and candles. As Mae was asleep and Dan was busy working away in the basement, I was even more excited to realize that he was working on making our first batch for the season of our gingerbread candle, which is everything you'd ever want in a gingerbread candle and a personal favorite of mine. Just a reminder to send us a message if you are interested in ordering bulk Christmas gifts. We do offer bulk discounts! Making a delivery to a new place that will sell our candles this weekend!


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