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Christmas already?

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Up early with Mae this morning. Paying for the 7:20 wake up yesterday. As usual Ozzie the silkie rooster starts a chorus of cockadoodledoos between him and the other two Roosters. With a chilly night, Walter, our needy cat was glued to Beth under the covers all night.  Walter is quite literally obsessed with Beth. When we adopted him as a 4 week old kitten he was less than half a pound, with pneumonia and such a high parasite count that he had a pretty severe heart murmur. Beth sat up with him many nights certain each breath would be his last. No wonder he loves her so much. On the agenda today includes some apple picking with friends and working on the custom candle label template for a dear friend's wedding favor order. She is having a fall wedding so  has requested half Caramel Kettle Corn and half Spiced Apple Cider. We are beyond thrilled to be able to make her favors.  Fudgie, our terrier mix, is trying to be a good resident farm dog.  He's always been great with Mae and is with people he knows but he does have a track record for nipping. He's working on it and follows Beth around faithfully while she does chores. Believe it or not we've ordered some Christmas scents and will be working on labels and getting them on our website to order as soon as possible. Life on a farm is tough in the winter but with insulated Carhartt overalls,heated water buckets and Mae's Christmas Wish burning I think we'll do ok. 

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