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Farm to farm table.

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Today was a good day.  Mae slept well, we all slept well.  We woke up about 6, maybe a little after.  Morning chores and a breakfast made up of eggs from our girls and cheese and milk from Marilyn, along with scallions from our garden.  Very tasty.  

We all got cleaned up and got dressed for church.  Mae loves church.  Mostly because she gets to go and play in the playroom for an hour with some of the other kids from church. After church we came back home and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  Then some quiet time for Mae as mom and dad picked up the house a bit and did the dishes from the day before.

Project for the day: set up new to us chain link dog kennel.  We were the recipients of a free 10'x10'x6' dog kennel.  It wasn't the panels which would have been super easy to set up, but we had to bolt together the frame, then stretch the chain link around the outside.  It had its difficulties but we were able to make it work.  All in all it was free (well not entirely, we spent $16.00 on bolts and zip ties) and it will work just fine for Ozzie the Silkie Rooster.  We are going to call it Ozzie's Love Shack.

Some local beef hamburgers for dinner along with potato and macaroni salad and we are spent.  We were greeted by about 12 wild turkeys in our woods right after dinner, way cool. Mae is pretty much out like a light and its just after 7.  Hard to believe that we used to have such trouble putting her to bed and would sometimes be up until 9:30 with her.  Things have gotten so much better the older she's become.  Terrible Two's in full force but she is absolutely perfect.  

Awaiting a delivery of candle tins for a wedding order on the candle front, and another possible wedding order on the horizon.  Wedding orders are fantastic.  We love putting the time and energy into something that helps complete that special day for a special couple.  

Good night all!


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