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Life is hard.

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Being a farm is hard. Being a parent is hard. Being married is hard. For us as of late, all of the above is true. Bit of a rough weekend of working on bettering our family.  Going through trials and hurt has and will continue to make us stronger, and help us to come closer to God. This week will be one of healing and growing together, as partners, parents, and as a farm. We had two Farmer's Markets this weekend! A whole lot of work, and a whole lot of time put into both of them. Our garden will start a transformation as well. The summer squash will be pulled out and the soil turned to prepare for a fall crop. We continue the branding of our new logo by launching the "Swag" section of our online store where you can order shirts, tote bags, and some other cool things! The ducks and chickens are molting, the goats coats are getting thicker and were preparing the garage/barn for hay storage and emergency shelter should the animals need extra protection. Yesterday was our nephew's baptism and Mae was excited to wear a pretty dress.  She had so much fun and wore herself out she zonked out in the car on the way home.  Before bed, her and mom did a drawing of Mommy, Daddy, and Mae.  Not sure why mommy is bigger than daddy, we ALL know that is not true, haha. Please remember keep us in your prayers as we deal with life, and the hectic schedule we have.  Ta-ta for now!


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