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March with us!

First and foremost we would like to thank you for choosing a small local family owned business like ours for your soy candle needs. It is much appreciated!

The Christmas season was as a very busy one for us.  In 2018 we doubled our total business from 2017.  Crazy.  We were pedal to the metal in Q4 and afterwards we took a much needed mini-break. We haven't been entirely quiet though.  We have been working behind the scenes on our labeling which  includes bulk printed blank labels with custom (locally made) hand stamps for each scent.  They include hand designed cute little illustrations for each individual scent and are very fun! We certainly hope that you guys enjoy the little flair that was added by a local artist to each one of our candles!

We also wanted everyone to know that we have stopped adding candle dye to our candles. The dye we used was eco-friendly but now all of our candles will be naturally colored just by the wax and oils.  This improves the burning consistency, as well as streamlines production.

As you probably have seen, we have also started launching "exclusive" scents.  These are scents that are only available at a specific retail location.  Keep your nose out for these special smells!

A few new spring scents like orange ya glad and sunflowers and sunshine are now available with a few more to come! 

Dan, Beth, and Mae

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