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Meet Etta Jo

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Meet Etta Jo.  She is a Nigerian Dwarf cross goat in full milk that we were able to welcome into our farm.  We will be introducing her to the other girls over the next few days!

This week has been very busy.  We are finishing up some candles, salves, and lip balms for our events this weekend.  We have launched two new lip balm flavors; Bubble Gum and BubbleMint.  I will say the BubbleMint is absolutely my favorite.  Starts nice and sweet with a bubbly flavor, and has you thinking for about 2 minutes "where the heck is the mint?" then all of a sudden your lips start to feel cool and there's the mint.  The lip balms and hand salves are a staple with us during the cool months.  They help to lock in and retain moisture so your skin doesn't dry out too much.

We've been in contact with a few more places about carrying our products, so hopefully will have some great info in the near future about that.  We also have Mugs, Tote Bags, and now Hoodies available to order!

Have a great day everyone!


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