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Sicky girl and laundry.

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Poor Mae has a nasty cold. I swear she inherited my sinus tract, which is horrible. She slept all night but was up early.  We played a while and then took a nice steamy bath to try to help her breathe. First cold of the season but every cold this poor kiddo gets is so stressful. Today we bought a little paint-it-yourself bird feeder on sale at Tractor Supply! I realize how much of a messy nightmare this will be, but keeping a sick kiddo busy and happy can be hard, so it's worth the mess. 


We are so excited to have gotten our very own t-shirts designed with our logo for the farm on it. They're so soft and comfy. They are available for order on our website!


Today we will make more laundry soap! We haven't needed to get store bought soap in about 5 months. This saves a ton of money and also gives us nice control over what chemicals were allowing in our house. 


Laundry Soap Recipe

The first thing we do is grate 1 bar of fels naphtha laundry bar (which is so much fun to try to do with a little helper haha). 

Then we measure out 1.5 cups of borax and 1.5 cups of washing soda. In our case the only measuring cup I could find was 1/2 cup, oh well. 

Then in a big bowl we add all 3 ingredients plus about 10 drops of essential oils. In this case we picked Young Livings Purification which is a great mixture of EO's that are amazing deodorizers! We mix and put into mason jars. This recipe makes just over a jar and lasts is about 1.5 months. 


That's it for now, life has been pretty busy for us!

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