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Sleep, we got it!

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Thankfully, even though Mae ended up in the bed at 1, she slept extremely well until almost 7. Thank goodness because between her early morning antics and a super busy day at the vet I was beyond exhausted. Every time we thought we had caught up, another emergency walked in. It's days like that I'm grateful I work with an incredible team of doctors, techs and receptionists. Mae watched Polly Pocket while I got the animals done, tonight will be the night that the newly rescued chickens sleep in the big coop with the rest of the girls. It's always worked out (other than Ozzie, but he's a but I always get nervous before a big introduction. Watermelon and sunflower seeds all around to distract them.

Today we tried on a pair of carhartt overalls that Mae was given for Christmas by a very close family friend. Still too long but by the time she needs them for chores they'll do the job. She will match mommy! Minus the ruffles of coarse. It looks like we're at the true end of our summer squash crop and will probably be pulling the plants out this weekend. While I was picking squash and Mae was playing in Ozzie's new home, I noticed a gorgeous brandy wine tomato almost ready to pick! They really are worth the wait. Today we started a batch of zucchini in our dehydrator for zucchini chips as a snack, topping or for soups! We cut 1/4 inch slices and dehydrate at 125 degrees in our dehydrator until they are brittle, season with a little salt and they're so yummy!

Also we're not so sure we will be able to keep this up as a daily blog, but will try to do as often as possible.


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