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Sleep, who needs it.

So we were woken up at about 1:30am this morning by the cutest, smartest, most stubborn little 2.5 year old there is.

Miss Mae decided it was going to be time to wake up at 1:30am.  She was so excited to go downstairs and practice her new matching flash cards.  We tried a few times to get her to stay asleep but were quite unsuccessful.  Needless to say we are running on fumes and caffeine today so this blog is going to be short.

We are looking to schedule to fall/winter markets to sell at this year.  So farm we have 3 events in October and 1 in November.  This winter will focus on finding local businesses to sell our products on either wholesale or consignment.  This is something we have lacked from the beginning, with only a handful of places as of now, but look to greatly expand that this year.

Now, it's bath time for little miss Mae and then off to bed!


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