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Beth was up early this morning to get the critters taken care of before heading off to work at the vet today. Mae slept until 7:20am. Hallelujah. Dan has munchkin duty today. Sees our silke roo loose and get all scratched up trying to catch him. Boo. Last night he stayed up working on the label redesign for our products. To incorporate our new logo. As summer winds down last night was perfect sleeping weather, windows cracked open! Sitting here writing this listening to the roos crow, one thing sticks out in our life right now. We just really stinking miss our dog. Seriously, people said the pain and sadness would get easier. Bull crap. Good thing we stay busy enough to keep distracted. HE WAS ONLY TEN, HOW THE HECK IS THAT FAIR? Rat Terriers usually get a good 12-14 years. We did everything right. Routine bloodwork every 6 months, vaccines, dentals, good food, etc. We did the surgery and the chemo that cost over $70 every two weeks. He was on 9 medications daily to keep him comfortable. The day those medications stopped working we ultrasounded him again to find out that the tumors had tripled and we made the painful decision to put our beautiful dog, our first child, of ten years to sleep. The night before our "big announcement" Dan stayed up late making a big change to our new logo. We added a silhouette of Spot in place of a chicken. The last minute decision to add that has given our family immeasurable comfort. It's our way of memorializing Spot Brown Bolduc. All of our animals hold a special place in our hearts and we are so happy to be able to remember Spot in our logo with his Rattie stance and nubby tail. Anyone who has bought a Sun Spot candle from us if you can burn it tonight in memory of our sweet boy.

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