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Stormy Salve and Goldfish.

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We've been so busy here. Between making candles/salve, blanching squash, and taking care of animals, we have been maxed out every night!  We had to go to the grocery store today to pick up some sale items (which is SO much fun with a 2.5 year old). Before the grocery store we visited the local pet store which just happened to have goldfish on sale SO now we are the proud owners of a new fan tail goldfish that Mae has proudly named Goldie like Peppa Pig's goldfish. Dan is thrilled, and I'm sure Goldie is too. The poor unfortunate soul had to go to the grocery store with us. Imagine that. Oh and Mae just told me that the other 2 goldfish are named Goldie too. It's been rainy and chilly here and we have been cooped up... bad combo for us as we're used to being outside. Mommy needs a drink. We have finished up a custom wedding candle order for my best friend from high school tonight! Can't wait to celebrate with her. We have also been working on securing a spot in our garage for the animals in case of inclement weather this winter.  There's a slight chance of a storm/hurricane for this coming weekend so we are trying to finish that up soon.  


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