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Tossin' Hay!

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We toss hay off the field, we toss hay in the barn, we toss hay to the goats, and when the goats waste half of it we toss it away! With forage animals our lives revolve quite a bit around tossin' hay. We are an extremely small farm compared to most farms but proud to do it. Our tossin' hay candle is an ode to the farmer big and small! If you're like us the smell of fresh cut hay is reflective and enjoyable. We thought about this candle this morning in the pouring rain while getting our animals set for a long day. Beth and Dan work a long day today while Mae is at her granparents' house trying out her tap shoes with her Minnie Mouse costume on. Still working on our new labeling and website in our free moments and getting ready for the Stafford Farmers Market on Saturday!

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