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Winter is here. Kind of.

bundle up christmas scents cold goats handmade homemade snow snowman soy candle soy candles

First snow of the season yesterday and I am so not amused... although Mae loved it and even insisted on making a snow man. With no gloves, a tiny one was all I could manage. The goats were so cold and wet I'm pretty sure Lila, thought she was going to die, lol. I think our animals are like us where although we live in New England, some of us absolutely dread winter. Because of the icky weather, Mae and I planned a few crafts including sensory stuff like dried noodles, marbles and glitter glue. A friendship bracelet kit at the dollar store caught her eye and with my help we assembled best friend bracelets for daddy and Fiona, her BFF. The girls have known each other since they were 2 months old. Everyone got tucked away safe and warm as we wound down, Dan made some more candle labels and finalized details for a custom Christmas gift candle order of 30 candles for another local business! We are gearing up for a craft and gift show next Saturday at the Cornerstone Christian School in Manchester which we are very much looking forward to!

We have added a calendar page on our website where you can see our upcoming local markets and events!  Coming soon a page dedicated to the various places around the state where you can find our products for sale!

For tonight 2 more batches of candles!  

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