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About us


About Us

Mae was born in February 2014. She was a very fussy baby. Mom and dad had their hands full with this little firecracker.

When Mae was around 10 months old, we began to notice she wasn't using her left hand as much as her right hand. After speaking to her physical therapist and pediatrician about it we took Mae to get an MRI done at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. A few hours after we left, we received a call from the neurologists office to set up an appointment to go over the results. With no appointments available for weeks, mom and dad were a little eager to know what, if anything, was seen on the MRI. After a short conversation with the neurologist it was discovered that Mae suffered a stroke around birth.

Being the first time mom or dad had ever heard anything about babies suffering strokes, we were a little thrown off. We were also glad to have found out the cause of some of her issues. Mae has limited use of her left hand and arm due to the stroke occurring on the right side of her brain. She sees a physical therapist and occupational therapist every week. With constant use and exercise, she may regain more control and fine motor skills with the left side. Only time will tell how much motion she will regain.

Beth and Mae began doing crafts together when Mae was about 17 months old. This served as both something to pass the time for mom and baby to do together, as well as serving some therapeutic purposes for Mae. Since she could lift a cup, Mae has loved lifting up sand, water, or anything else in a cup and pouring it out slowly. It calms her down and allows her to focus some of her anxiety issues. Mom and Mae began to mix the ingredients for the Lavender Warming Sachets, and thus, in October 2015 Marilyn Mae Premium Handmade Goods was born.

Marilyn is our pet goat. She is one of Mae's many faithful furry (or feathered) companions. Marilyn has a heart of gold when it comes to Mae and even allows her to have pony (goatty) rides!  

Almost one year after originally setting out on our journey, Marilyn Mae Farm, LLC was launched in September 2016 as a hub for all things related to our family, farm, and business ventures.

Mae continues to supervise production, and lends a hand here and there in helping with various things. We hope you enjoy hearing about us and our products!

Sincerely, Dan, Beth, and Mae.